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  • Inspire Automation Is Hiring New Talent to Design, Build, and Install Automated Material-Handling Systems

    If you are looking for inspiring work in a fast-paced industry that serves companies all over the world, Inspire Automation may just have the perfect position for you. In a nutshell, Inspire Automation is comprised of two brands, Automatan and Systec, and three locations in Indianapolis, IN; Plover, WI; and Lynchburg, VA.

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  • How to Boost Material Handling Safety in Your Corrugated Packaging Facility

    One important way to reduce workplace injury is to ensure that your corrugated manufacturing equipment is working properly and is maintained according to manufacturer standards.

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  • Systec + Automatan Bring Greater Value to Box Manufacturing as Inspire Automation

    If you’re in the corrugated packaging industry, you’re probably familiar with the names of both Systec and Automatan. These two companies have built a reputation on creating innovative solutions that help manufacturers leverage greater efficiencies and return on investment.

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  • Key Controls and Best Practices to Keep Your Corrugated Packaging Facility Safe—and Productive

    Fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact supply chains, causing corrugated packaging facilities and other manufacturers to turn up the focus on efficiency and safety.

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  • Safety Best Practices for Material Handling

    To reduce the chances of injury at your workplace, consider the following safety best practices for material handling.

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