Inspire Automation Is Hiring New Talent to Design, Build, and Install Automated Material-Handling Systems

If you are looking for inspiring work in a fast-paced industry that serves companies all over the world, Inspire Automation may just have the perfect position for you. In a nutshell, Inspire Automation is comprised of two brands, Automatan and Systec, and three locations in Indianapolis, IN; Plover, WI; and Lynchburg, VA.

Together, we provide focused, leading-edge material-handling automation solutions to companies in corrugated and other industries. Our expanded business capabilities make us a leader in our industry, and they include producing automation solutions that include:

  • Litho Labelers
  • Roller and Plastic Top Conveyor Automation systems
  • Robotic Solutions
  • Load Formers and Inverters
  • Unitizer Controls
  • Joggers/Aerators

In addition to designing and fabricating this equipment, we also provide customers with replacement parts, maintenance plans, and even safety and device audits, making us a leading resource for companies in our target industries. In fact, our multifaceted operational capabilities are exactly what allow us to serve corrugators throughout the world, making working for us an exciting proposition.

So, What’s It Like to Work at Inspire Automation?

Inspire Automation is first and foremost a team environment. Our corporate culture focuses on connection, ensuring that we all work together toward our common goal of excellence. To do this, we make sure everyone on our team is respected and valued. Because we fabricate, weld, paint, and assemble all the products we create, every team member achieves a personal sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with our final product.

We Help You Grow Your Skills—and Succeed

One of the many benefits of working with a company that focuses on employee success is that we provide ample opportunities to grow and learn. In fact, we encourage our team members to learn as much as they can, and we provide the means to do so with intensive and fascinating cross-training programs. In this way, you can challenge yourself as much as you like and gain the opportunity to explore many career options. Additionally, we have clear career pathways set up for our team members that are interested in expanding their career horizons. In fact, many of our managers and supervisors began their careers with us in the shop turning wrenches or in the field working with our installers and interfacing with customers.

We Offer an Outstanding Benefits Package

In today’s economy, benefits are a crucial part of your employment package. That’s why Inspire Automation offers a host of benefits, including life, health, dental, and vision insurance—all of which are made available to you after 60 days of employment. We also provide a great 401(k) program as well—and you can begin contributing to it the day you are hired. Inspire Automation matches up to 6% of everything you contribute, so the earlier you get started, the faster your savings will grow!

What Are You Waiting for? Apply Now!

Currently, we are looking for talented team members in all three locations.

If you are interested in any of these locations or want to discuss where your skills would be the best fit, please contact us at 800-578-1755 and let’s get the process started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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