Fleetwood-Fibre Case Study

Streamlining Operational Efficiencies

California-based Fleetwood-Fibre Packaging & Graphics was founded over 70 years ago providing high-impact packaging solutions, including high-graphic corrugated packaging, folding cartons, thermoformed plastic packaging, and more. For years it was a successful and profitable business, seeing year-over-year growth in large part to its proximity to the Port of Los Angeles and its reputation for high-quality service. That’s why it was such an attractive business to Gold West Packaging Group LLC, who acquired Fleetwood-Fibre in February of 2018.

As with most parent companies and acquired entities, Golden West saw opportunities to streamline the Fleetwood-Fibre’s operational efficiencies, combining unrivaled service with
unmatched operational; Fleetwood-Fibre’s reputation and geographic location almost demanded it.

Optimizing in Real Time

Golden West didn’t want to shut down operations as they went about optimizing Fleetwood-Fibre’s processes for fear of losing much of the company’s business and reputation, which is why they called in a corrugated consulting specialist to help with the overhaul of the production floor. Pearce Corrugated Consulting, seeing the challenge they’d been charged with solving, needed a trustworthy automated solutions company that was willing to go the extra mile to make sure the transformation was made on schedule without disrupting the current processes.

That’s why they turned to Inspire Automation.

The Solution(s)

Converting 175,000 square feet of corrugated operations plus an additional 75,000 square feet for folding carton operations to an automated floor is no small process, but Inspire worked with Pearce and the leaders at Fleetwood-Fibre to significantly increase the level of production. In nine months, Inspire installed approximately 600 feet of table stack and link belt conveyor; 36 feet of performance lineshaft conveyor; approximately 410 feet of roller conveyor; 14 belt transfers; 4 unit load downstackers; 1 load centering device; 1 VAPS 2-stage strapping system; an automatic system with bar code reading to identify pallet needs for the palletizing system; 4 fork truck stations; an Avanti load palletizing device; and an Avanti Fastpal. Both Avanti devices were the first of their kind installed in the U.S.

The Results

Per Alex Gonzales of Fleetwood-Fibre:

“[We’ve seen] better process flows throughout the plant, which allowed us to expand our customer base to accommodate more work through the facility… [Inspire Automation] not only
helped layout the mainline conveyor, but with every other piece of equipment we installed along the way… it was their service that stands out the most. They were here seven days a week
and hit all the target dates. Everything was done on time and programming was completed as stated.”

At Inspire Automation, we’ll go to any lengths to optimize your processes, figure out any solution right for you, and make sure that your business is set up for success. Why?

“Not having to worry about our major conveyor project was priceless.”—Alex Gonzales.

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