Systec + Automatan Bring Greater Value to Box Manufacturing as Inspire Automation

The corrugated packaging market is growing faster than ever, making it more important than ever for corrugated manufacturers to focus on increasing efficiencies in order to stay competitive. If you’re in the corrugated packaging industry, you’re probably familiar with the names of both Systec and Automatan.  What were once two independent companies have built a reputation as creative innovative solutions that help manufacturers leverage greater efficiencies and return on investment.  With the formation of Inspire Automation and transition of Systec and Automatan into product brands, what was once two companies has been combined under one umbrella and single organization, including their industry knowledge, product lines, technical resources, and service capabilities,  to bring you a single-source solution for all your process and automation needs.

Board converters that have utilized the Inspire Automation combined process solution already appreciate the more efficient sales and installation process and the targeted solutions that help skyrocket optimization and efficiency.

Systec — Strong Build, American Pride

The Systec brand has been at the forefront of corrugated manufacturing equipment and industrial conveyor automation systems. It’s reputation is built on material handling automation solutions that utilize devices that are produced with a laser-cut and formed steel construction that allows for tighter tolerances, which in turn provides a longer lasting piece of equipment for unbeatable return on investment.

With a robust in-house engineering and support team, Inspire is not only able to service and repair their own line of Systec brand material handling automation devices, but those of other manufacturers to provide a one-stop source for manufacturing clients — and a sharper focus on business continuity.  The Systec brand includes a broad range of material handling automation solutions for the corrugated and box manufacturing process, supporting everything from the corrugator to the finished goods.

Automatan – Robotic Automation and Litho-Label Laminators

The Automatan brand of robotic automation solutions, load-conditioning equipment, and litho-label laminators has been an industry staple for well over two decades.  The Automatan brand is one of the first robotic automation solutions for both feeding and bundle handling operations that provides efficiency, speed, and labor savings/ROI.  In addition, society moved from individualized to self-service shopping scenarios, point-of-sale packaging has taken on premier importance, not only for protecting the end product but also for offering added marketing value with litho graphics.  The Automatan  brand of litho-label laminators help thousands of clients successfully navigate this market shift by focusing on the high-quantity projects.

Inspire Automation — The Value of Partnership

Board converters have a lot of reasons to love Inspire Automation, the resulting partnership between two industry leaders an the Automatan and Systec brands. By combining the functionality inherent in both companies, Inspire Automation has gained the power to craft custom material handling solutions that target efficiency and return on investment for specific applications. Their products are designed to simplify the manufacturing process and increase safe operations, both of which maximize revenue in any market.

In addition, our innovative robotic automation solutions provide a host of benefits, including reduced downtime and increased optimization. With a diverse knowledge base for the entire Systec and Automatan catalog, Inspire Automation is able to meet the needs of even those clients with very unique or specific applications, multiplying value through boosted productivity and process simplification.

We’re Poised to Help Our Clients in the Corrugated Packaging Industry Thrive

It doesn’t matter whether your operations required laminating, load-conditioning equipment, litho-labeling, or specialty application solutions, our team at Inspire Automation puts the combined catalogs of both companies at your fingertips, with an important addition — our dedication to service.

Our expansive service team of field technicians, engineers, and in-house staff stand ready to support your operations, regardless of where in the world your operations are located. We offer material handling equipment training, servicing, repair, and replacement to ensure that your systems are working at maximum efficiency for the ultimate business continuity. In fact, we even offer remote service plans and after-hours support for those facilities that need fast, around-the-clock assistance to keep business running smoothly.

Ready to explore all the ways Inspire Automation can help your company outpace competition in today’s expanding corrugated packaging market? Simply contact us to find out more, locate a part you need, check out our catalog, or request service.


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